Soundtrack: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Composer: Paul Haslinger

00:00 Intro
00:04 Make it Right
01:46 This Is My Story
03:34 Why Am I Alive?
06:15 I Promised You An Answer
09:06 Seal the Hive
11:10 A Force So Evil
13:07 Isaac’s Demise
14:17 Return to the Hive
16:52 Towards A New Horizon
18:38 Laser Corridor Revisited
22:16 Downloading Alicia’s Memories
24:30 History Is Written by the Victors
26:08 The Anti-Virus Sacrifice
27:29 Ascension
28:58 The Turbine Sequence

Disclaimer: This suite is an edited arrangement of some tracks from the soundtrack and does not act as a replacement for the full album. It is for the purpose of entertainment and promotion of the soundtrack only and is not monetized. No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.