Soundtrack: The Island (Complete Score)
Composer: Steve Jablonsky

00:00 Intro
00:04 The Island Awaits You
01:26 Mass Winnings
05:41 Where Do These Tubes Go?
07:38 Agnate Ukuleles
09:53 Starkweather
11:58 Nice Tests Part 1
12:50 Good Things Do Happen
13:57 The Rain
14:50 You Have A Special Purpose In Life
16:52 I’m Not Ready To Die
18:23 Mass Vehicular Carnage Part 4 / Enter Wasps
19:39 Renovatio
21:21 Busting Some A**
22:30 Send In The Clones
25:31 This Tongue Thing’s Amazing
26:45 Sector 6
28:17 My Name Is Lincoln

Disclaimer: This suite is an edited arrangement of some tracks from the soundtrack and does not act as a replacement for the full album. It is for the purpose of entertainment and promotion of the soundtrack only and is not monetized. No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.