Soundtrack: Doctor Strange
Composer: Michael Giacchino

00:00 Intro
00:04 The Hands Dealt
02:53 Mystery Training
04:37 Inside the Mirror Dimension
08:24 The True Purpose of the Sorcerer
09:56 Post Op Paracosm
11:05 Sanctimonious Sanctum Sacking
13:56 Hong Kong Kablooey
17:05 Smote and Mirrors
23:09 Astral Worlds Worst Killer
26:27 Ancient Sorcerer’s Secret
27:34 Strange Days Ahead

Disclaimer: This suite is an edited arrangement of some tracks from the soundtrack and does not act as a replacement for the full album. It is for the purpose of entertainment and promotion of the soundtrack only and is not monetized. No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.