Soundtrack: The Last Samurai (Complete Score)
Composer: Hans Zimmer

00:00 Intro
00:04 Idyll’s End
01:52 A Way of Life
04:08 Intriguing People
06:38 Too Many Mind
07:36 Specters in the Fog
08:28 Samurai Will Find Us / Battle in the Fog
11:51 Street Encounter
13:47 Night at the Theater / Ninja Attack
15:22 Every Soldier Has Nightmares / Farewell / Safe Passage
17:52 Safe Passage
20:06 Nobutada’s Death
21:59 Ronin
22:57 Warrior Games
25:18 The Escape
26:35 Archers on the Battlefield
29:23 The Final Charge
32:43 They Are All Perfect
35:26 A Small Measure of Peace

– Adobe Photoshop 2020
– Sony Vegas Pro 16
– Audiogram created using Headliner

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