Soundtrack: Pearl Harbor (Complete Score)
Composer: Hans Zimmer

00:00 Intro
00:04 Pearl Harbor
01:00 First Kiss
02:23 Young Rafe to the Rescue
03:37 Train Station Goodbye
04:57 Japanese Prepare
06:22 Doolittle Training
08:58 Tip of the Sword
09:52 Battle of Britain Outtake
10:44 Bombers Overhead / Air Battle
17:11 The Sinking of the Oklahoma
21:18 Rafe Shot Down
22:35 Hospital Chaos
26:16 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
31:10 Sacrifice
33:45 Pearl Harbor at Sunset

– Adobe Photoshop 2020
– Sony Vegas Pro 16
– Audiogram created using Headliner

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