Soundtrack: His Dark Materials Season 1 (Complete Score)
Composer: Lorne Balfe

00:00 Intro
00:05 His Dark Materials (Main Theme)
01:35 The Great Flood
03:24 Scholastic Sanctuary
06:24 Leaving Jordan
07:00 Polar Adventure
07:37 The Compass Points North
10:02 Voyages
12:29 Clear Your Mind
13:16 Where is Roger?
14:49 Mrs. M. Coulter
16:22 Battle of Bolvangar
17:32 Fog and Ice
18:27 Iorek Breaks Lose
19:17 Airships Approaching
20:14 Gateway to the North
21:00 I Will Succeed
22:39 A Gilded Cage
23:49 Some Sort of Ghost
25:10 A Plea to Fate
27:57 The Strength of Gyptians

– Adobe Photoshop 2020
– Sony Vegas Pro 16
– Audiogram created using Headliner

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