Soundtrack: Blood Diamond (Complete Score)
Composer: James Newton Howard

00:00 Intro
00:04 Main Titles
01:22 Solomon’s Helping Hand
01:58 Crossing the Bridge
03:31 RUF Kidnaps Dia
06:02 Archer Sells Diamond
07:38 Solomon Goes to Work
08:46 Solomon is Arrested
09:50 Archer Trades His Story
11:06 Benjamin Shot
12:05 Car Chase
13:20 Village Attacked
14:50 Fall of Freetown
18:10 Diamond Mine Bombed
21:25 Solomon Finds Family
22:30 Your Mother Loves You
24:11 One Last Favor
26:00 Thought I’d Never Call?
29:50 Goodbyes
31:59 London
34:20 Solomon

– Adobe Photoshop 2020
– Sony Vegas Pro 16
– Audiogram created using Headliner

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