Soundtrack: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Complete Score)
Composer: Howard Shore

00:00 Intro
00:04 Glamdring
03:01 The Three Hunters
04:14 Gandalf the White
05:20 The Story Foretold
06:01 My Precious
07:02 The Banishment of Eomer
08:32 Fangorn
09:20 The Wolves of Isengard
11:35 Wraiths on Wings
13:05 One of the Dúnedain / Evenstar
16:16 Arwen’s Fate / The Grace of the Valar
17:39 Aragorn’s Return
18:53 Refuge at Helm’s Deep
20:51 Exodus from Edoras
21:29 Where is the Horse and the Rider?
22:54 The Host of the Eldar
23:35 The Battle of the Hornburg
26:15 Retreat / Haldir’s Lament
30:09 The Entmoot Decides
30:45 The Last March of the Ents
31:48 The Nazgûl Attack
32:45 Théoden Rides Forth
37:30 The Tales That Really Matter
40:04 Long Ways to Go Yet / Gollum’s Song

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